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Relieve Lower Back Pain with the Intracept Procedure

Did you know that lower back pain is the most common type of pain reported by patients around the world? Thanks to breakthroughs in research and medicine, a minimally invasive procedure called the Intracept Procedure emerged in 2006 to offer long-lasting relief for those suffering from chronic back pain.

Changes in the lumbar vertebral endplate can often be a culprit of lower back pain. This endplate forms the transitional region between a vertebrae and the intervertebral disk, sending signals to the brain by way of the basivertebral nerve. Degenerative processes called Modic changes can disrupt the integrity of the endplate, leading the basivertebral nerve to grow and become oversensitive. When a patient activates their lower back region in this condition, it can result in localized pain that may feel sharp, dull, constant or throbbing.

Headshot of Physician Kyle Colle smiling at cameraDr. Kyle Colle, DO, FACOS at Joint Implant Surgeons of Florida, specializes in the Intracept Procedure, which benefits patients by targeting the basivertebral nerve. This method has been shown to improve function and decrease long-term pain levels. Additionally, because this is an implant-free procedure, patients are able to retain a wide variety of later-stage treatment and surgical options for future or worsening spinal conditions.

How the Intracept Procedure Works

At Joint Implant Surgeons, the Intracept Procedure is conducted in an outpatient setting with the patient under sedation. Typically, the entire process takes a little under two hours to complete. Because it is minimally invasive, physical therapy and post-operation recovery are not necessary.

First, Dr. Kyle Colle makes a 3-5mm incision in the lower back, and a device called an introducer is used to advance into the vertebrae. Next, a curved instrument is used to create a clear channel to the base of the basivertebral nerve – the source of a patient’s pain. Dr. Colle then inserts a specialized probe into the curved path that uses radiofrequency to target and impair the nerve. This alleviates painful lower back symptoms, allowing patients to resume regular activities within a week or two after the procedure is complete.

Who Is the Best Candidate for an Intracept Procedure?

Studies that include several randomized, placebo-controlled clinical trials have indicated that this procedure is safe and effective for the candidates who qualify. Joint Implant Surgeons patients who experience more than six months of chronic, localized lower back pain can be considered for the Intracept Procedure.

Typically, the best candidate has failed other conservative care measures, such as chiropractics, physical therapy, injections, or possibly medication. Additionally, notable degenerative changes should be visible through an MRI scan, and can include Modic changes, end plate irregularity or deformity and Schmorl’s nodes.

Wondering if this procedure might be right for you? Learn more about Dr. Kyle Colle at Joint Implant Surgeons by visiting Joint Implant Surgeons of Florida welcomes any questions you may have at (239) 337-3168!

You may also appreciate the following video, which documents American television host, radio personality and producer Carson Daly’s journey with lower back pain. After years of sustained pain management challenges, Carson qualified for the Intracept Procedure. Today, he is a strong advocate for its benefits.

Check out the video to hear about his positive experience!


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