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Vanguard XP Preserving Knee Implant

Dr. Edward Humbert is now using the revolutionary Vanguard XP Preserving Knee replacement that works with a patient’s natural ligaments. The Vanguard XP Preserving Knee differs from other total knees that require the removal of the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) and posterior cruciate ligament (PCL).

Biomet’s Vanguard XP Preserving Knee is designed to preserve a healthy ACL/PCL while incorporating geometry to accommodate and enable the natural function of the knee’s ligaments. Dr. Humbert may be able to use the Vanguard XP Preserving Knee, with the preservation of the ACL/PCL, to naturally provide stability and control in the knee.

Not all arthritic patients or those needing revision surgery are candidates. The Vanguard XP total knee is not for patients who have infection, sepsis, or osteomyelitis. Only your orthopedic surgeon can tell you if you’re a candidate for knee replacement surgery, and if so, which implant is right for your specific needs.

You should discuss your condition and treatment options with Dr. Humbert. For more information about the Biomet XP Preserving Knee, including full risk information, talk to your surgeon and see the full patient risk information on preservingknee.com or call 1-800-581-8169.