Dr Henn on Video Featured in WINK News

WINK News Features Dr. Jeffrey Henn’s New Spinal Fusion Technique 

Joint Implant Surgeons of Florida made local news in February 2022 when WINK News featured the expertise of Jeffrey S. Henn, M.D. on the evening news. The report highlighted how Joint Implant Surgeons recently created an innovative new approach to performing complex spinal fusion operations in an outpatient setting. 

Traditionally an inpatient operation, spinal fusions are one of many nonessential orthopedic procedures paused during the pandemic. For reference, more than 1.62 million spinal fusions are performed each year in the United States. With numbers like these, it is clear that the cancellations have negatively impacted the quality of life of many Americans. 

This includes a handful of Joint Implant Surgeons’ own patients, such as Bill Banker. Bill desperately needed timely intervention for his spine after being left unable to walk more than 15 steps without extreme pain.  

One of our prestigious and well-published neurosurgeons, Dr. Jeffrey Henn, responded to this need by establishing an outpatient setting where he could safely provide the elective surgery. Highly skilled in minimally invasive techniques for spinal surgery, Dr. Henn trained at the famed Barrow Neurological Institute. Throughout his career, he has treated disorders of the brain and spine, patented new techniques, published and lectured extensively, and even trained other surgeons on how to perform minimally invasive spine surgery. 

During the operation, Dr. Henn used small incisions to place spacers and screws to straighten and support Bill’s spine. At the same time, he avoided pain blockers with opioids while using the right kind of anesthesia. Within hours, Dr. Henn successfully completed the outpatient spinal fusion operation. Bill headed home after surgery on the same day!  

Just three months later, Bill is back on his feet and out on the tennis court. Watch the heartwarming story on WINK News at https://www.winknews.com/2022/02/17/pandemic-leads-to-innovative-approach-to-spinal-fusion-operations/ 

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